How to Draw a Man

This lesson will teach you how to draw a male model. The team at will show you how to draw complicated things in the most straightforward way.

Drawing a person is an important and challenging moment. This is why art schools and universities pay special attention to it.

Although people are different, there are many similarities between them. Despite all their differences, everyone has the same body structure.

This tutorial will show you how to draw a man. We also show you the differences between drawing a male figure and one that is.


How to Draw a Man

Step 1: Sketch the Head, Chest, and Pelvis

These are the basic parts of the body and will help you draw a man. Use as few lines as possible.




Step 2: Sketch the Spine & Limbs

Make sure to use the same lines, and not forget to draw small circles at the joints. Don’t make these lines too dark as they will eventually be erased.




Step 3: Draw the neck and Torso

First, draw the proportions of the face. Next, draw a neck that looks like it is a cylinder. Next, draw the body as a rectangle that is vertically extended and has rounded edges.




Step 4 – Draw your arms

To draw the arms, use simple geometric shapes like balls and cylinders. These lines should be drawn in the same way as in the previous stages.




Step 5 – Draw your legs

Use the exact same circles and modify cylinders to draw the legs. The male body is more distinct than the female because it has stronger muscles. This can be seen in the drawing.




Step 6 – Draw details of the Face

The eyes can be drawn using the guidelines. Next, draw the nostril and mouth. Start at this stage by using darker lines and sharper lines.




Step 7: Draw the Jaw, Brows, and Ears

Draw the jaw of the man using three straight lines. Next, draw the ears that are approximately the same height and width as the nose. Make the eyebrows by drawing a few thick lines.




Step 8 – Draw your hair

Move up to the top of the male head and draw his hair. The classic style we chose for men is the one that we used, but you could also draw it in a different way or go bald.




Step 9 – Detail your Torso

Draw the outline of the T-shirt using darker lines and more precise lines than in the beginning. Add folds where necessary.




Step 10 – Detail your arms

The arms will look more polished if you use smooth and dark lines. Make sure to draw the T-shirt’s short sleeves and fold the armpits.




Step 11 – Draw your hands

Draw the base of your hands first, then draw each finger. Learn more about drawing hands by visiting our tutorial How to Draw Hands.




Step 12 – Detail your legs

Draw the outline of your pants using smooth lines. Make sure to fold the pants at the knees and the bottom.




Step 13 – Draw your Feet

As shown in the example, draw the outline of your sneakers using smooth lines. Make sure to trace the soles and laces.




Step 14 – Delete the Guidelines

Use the eraser to get rid of any construction lines. Make the lines of the man’s drawing more precise and darker. You can add details such as glasses, a print, or even a name to the T-shirt.




Step 15 – Color the man’s drawing

Now is the time to let your imagination run wild. The color palette in our example can be used, but you can also use other colors to color the man drawing.
 created this tutorial for drawing a man. If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to see more drawing lessons for men, visit our People category.

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