In this drawing tutorial, we’ll draw a human. This drawing lesson is much simpler than previous tutorials as it’s extremely basic it doesn’t contain any complex parts, or shadows or is designed by us for you to draw a fixed proportion for the body of a human.
To make this lesson the most useful for you, we’ve drawn a man from three distinct angles. Let’s dive into the instruction on drawing the man for beginners.

Step 1
The first thing to consider is the size of our man The parameter is identical across every one of the three angles. Keep in mind that the height of an adult man is equivalent to the length of approximately seven heads. As we said, drawing a man is drawn at three various angles. The first step is to draw the head as you can see, it’s drawn in the form of an oval or an egg that is inverted. Then draw the neck. It appears to be a simple line, as does the spine. Similar to drawing the shoulders, arms, and legs. It is important to remember that all lines drawn during this process should be extremely light.

Step 2
Let’s increase the volume of the stickman to create the shape. The neck appears from many angles like a tube, and is attached to the head. Draw a torso that is like a modified cylinder. Make sure to emphasize those curves on the waist, back, and chest. The arms appear like long cylindrical shapes. The groin region looks like an elongated triangle. Legs, and arms, appear as cylindrical shapes. Note that they taper towards the knee area and the shins.

Do not overlook sketching those lines that define the facial features (the lines of horizontal symmetry between the eyes as well as an inverse vertical line) in the first photo. Draw in the lines for hair as well as the mouth, nose and.

Step 3
Draw out the hairstyle and eyes and the mouth and nose, don’t forget to include the eyebrows. It is important to note that the haircut is different depending on the angle. Additionally, you can observe the rules of facial proportions. The upper portion of the ear lies on the same plane that the eyebrows are, while the lower is located at the tip of your nose. Take a look at the third angle and you won’t get confused.

Step 4
Draw the outline of his shirt. It should be open in the front. It is important to note that the shirt is loose-fitting. Jeans follow the leg contours – extremely narrow in the region of the knee and growing on those legs below. Don’t forget to fold a garment such as a shirt or jeans.

Step 5
Then we draw the facial features and clothing on the physique of the character. Remove all the guidelines which we sketched in the initial steps. Drawings must be crisp and clear like in our illustration. Once you’ve eliminated all lines that are not needed, include a few additional elements like folded material, shoelaces, and sewing on garments.

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