Welcome, dear artists. to a drawing tutorial on drawing the mammoth step-by-step. The Mammoth is an extinct species of mammal that lived during the Quaternary period, belonging to the elephant family. They grew to an average height at a height of 5.5 meters and weight 10-12 tons. Therefore, mammoths were twice as heavy as the biggest land mammals of today which were African elephants.

Step 1
Begin by sketching the head as well as the torso of our mammoth, as huge ovals. Draw the straight and long legs. The first step is to make sure it is important not to apply too much pressure to the pencil.

Step 2
In this stage, we continue with very thin lines. Draw out the trunk’s length and the lines that intersect the face. Create legs that are thicker.

Step 3
Connect the figures of the initial steps to form forms of the mammoth’s body. Draw the eye, ear, and tusks.

Step 4
Then, remove all unneeded guidelines from your head. Create lines that are fuzzy, as mammoths are extremely hairy. At the same time, draw the nostrils.

Step 5
Take away any guidelines remaining off the mammoth’s body. Draw the line of the back as well as the legs. Make sure to draw nails and fingers. Be aware your front leg must be wider than the rear ones.

Step 6
Make the eyes black, then begin creating shadows. The most common method is to use classic shading techniques for shadows and this is not an exception. Actually, by the close of the lesson about the art of drawing the mammoth the student should have an image of a large and hairy elephant.

Fortunately or not, mammoths have been gone for a long time and, in reality, we’ll never be able to observe them (unless scientists manage to create clones of them). However, you can design mammoths with a piece of paper with our drawing lessons.

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