In this lesson, the team from 3dvkarts will show you the art of drawing mallards one of the most well-known and well-known wild ducks.

Step 1
Even the most ordinary ducks can be drawn in such a way that it is a fascinating and stunning drawing. Draw two ovals: tiny for your head, and large for the upper torso. Join them using a neckline.

Step 2
Draw an outline for a beak with a flat. Then draw the lines of the neck and the large wings raised (we depict a mallard during flight). In the back, the portion draws a large body and leg.

Step 3
Divide the beak, and draw a small eye in the shape of an almond. On the neck, draw an elongated strip. Draw the outline of large feathers that are on the wings and the tail.

Step 4
Through black and white lines, sketch out the head and the torso. Draw the feathers’ legs of the tail with great fine detail.

Step 5
We now need to get started on the wings. This is where we meticulously draw out all the feathers, as it was done in this drawing.

Step 6
Paint the eyes in black and leave a highlight. Make the head darker, the neck, and the tips of the wings. Create shadows by hatching.

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