How to Draw A male Torso Step by Step -

How to Draw A male Torso Step by Step

How to Draw A male Torso Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to draw Mowgli from Jungle Book Step by Step

Step 1

In the initial step of our tutorial of drawing the torso we will begin with a simple. We will focus on the neck, jaw and shoulders of the torso.

With a few curves, you can begin to round the jawline’s edges to create an elongated chin under it.

It is possible to extend two lines along the neck. They will be extended over the vertical lines on your shoulders.

We have did to prepare for this step, and you are now in the right position to go to what’s next!

Step 2 – Then Draw the shoulders and mouth.
This portion of your body drawing should be a simple task to tackle. The first step is to draw a curving line to represent the man’s smile.

There is a smaller line beneath it. Then you can complete the process by adding two additional curved vertical lines on the shoulders to make them complete.

Step 3: Then draw the chest area of the man’s body
Lowering the torso in this guide, we’ll begin by looking at the chest of the male.

In order to draw these muscles, make curved horizontal lines connecting the middle for the pectoral muscles.

Then, you can finish these muscles by making smallovals that are flat and small in the middle of the muscle.

Step 4: Next Draw the first arm and begin the ribs on the torso.
We’ll add arms first in this stage of drawing the torso. Arms can be among the toughest parts of the human body, therefore make certain to slow down when drawing!

With a few bends that you bend, you can lengthen your biceps, from shoulders down. After that, you will see swelling in the elbow that can then result in the forearm.

The wrist is slim, which will result that the hands have curvatures for fingers.

After you’ve drawn the arm, you’ll be able to make a bumpy line on the the left rib. Then, you can complete the rib section by adding another line inside the contour of the rib like in the image reference.

Step 5: Draw the next arm
You’ve already created one arm for this tutorial on body While that may help you draw the second slightly more straightforward, it’s going be quite an issue as it’s in an entirely different place. Another angle in the first part.

But the concept will be similar with an image as a reference, you will be able to replicate the muscles that you previously sketched however the form is slightly different with respect to each muscle.

Step 6: Next you will draw the abs to your body drawing
The body you’ve drawn is looking fantastic! We’ll add some small details over the next few steps. We’ll begin with the abs in this section.

As you will see in our figure of reference it shows them plotted with a series of curves connected in a certain manner.

It’s also possible to use extra lines to get started with the shorts that he’s wearing.

Step 7 – Draw the final design of the body
The painting is nearly completed at this point, and there are only few things to include for the body’s guide.

With a few straight and curly lines, you could complete the sketch by adding shorts that he’s wearing.

Prior to moving to the next step, you could also include some elements that you have created yourself! You can add the background or draw the remainder of his body and face.

What are you thinking of to add to this body sketch prior to coloring?

Step 8 – Now complete your torso design using colors
After you’ve finished this body sketch, the next step is to give it life by using some amazing colors!

In our image of reference we have shown you how you can colour this image.

There are a variety of methods to do this, and this is that you need to let your imagination run wild and have fun doing it!

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