This lesson will teach you how to draw a male facial expression. We will show you how to make the drawing look the most vibrant and intricate.

Although all faces have the same structure, there are many differences. These differences are what make us different from other people.

Like female faces, male faces have their own unique characteristics. This tutorial will show you how to draw a male face.

If you’re ready, let’s move on to the guide to learn how to draw a man’s face.


Step 1

Sketching an oval for your head is the first step in drawing a male face. At this stage, the outline of the head is drawn. The most obvious difference between a male and female face is the fact that a male’s face tends to be larger and have a bigger chin. A male’s chin is noticeably smaller.


Step 2

Sketching some constructive lines is essential to help you draw the details of your face and not make mistakes in the proportions. Begin by drawing a straight vertical line through the middle of the face. Next, draw a horizontal guideline. Mark the position of the nose, mouth, and hair growth on a vertical line. On the horizontal guideline, mark the locations of the corner of the eyes. All this was discussed in detail in the article on the proportions for the head.




Step 3

Use the earlier construction lines to depict the eyes. Smoothly draw the upper and lower eyelids. The inner corners of your eyes should be marked with the lacrimal caruncle. As shown in the example, make your eyes appear more voluminous. This was discussed in detail in the lesson about how to draw eyes.


Step 4

Next, draw the eyebrows. First, draw the shape of your eyebrows. Next, draw the texture of your eyebrows using a lot of lines. To avoid making mistakes, make sure to compare your drawing with the example. To see the symmetry errors in your male drawing, take a look in the mirror at it from time to check.


Step 5

Now, it is time to draw the pupils within your eyes. Draw the outline of the iris. Next, draw your pupils. They should be perfectly round. The eyelids should cover the upper and lower edges of your iris. Do not concentrate on one side when drawing symmetrical details, such as eyes. You should always move from one part to the next so that each part is equally accurate and symmetrical.


Step 6

Draw the nose. Draw the tip of your nose using the construction lines you have drawn earlier. Next, draw the outline of the nostrils. With long and smooth lines, create the contours of your nose. The male nose is usually larger than the female. This is another distinguishing characteristic of the male face.


Step 7

Draw the mouth. The middle line of your mouth should be drawn using the construction line that you have sketched previously. Next, draw the contours for the lower and upper lips. Male lips are usually thinner than those of females. This is not an infallible rule. As you can see, our man has very plump lips.


Step 8

Sketch the jawline and ears. Draw the jawline, making the lower half of your face more angular. As we’ve already mentioned, the male jaw is more angular and larger than that of the female. This feature should be drawn in this step. Next, draw the outline of your ears.


Step 9

To show the hair, go back to the top. This is a classic style for men with a side-comb. The hairstyle should be shorter on the sides than on the top. Any other hairstyle can be drawn. A beard can also be added.


Step 10

Let’s now give the male face drawing an even more detailed look. First, erase any auxiliary lines that you have drawn. Next, draw a lot of long and smooth lines to show the texture of your hair. You can draw the hair from the roots to the ends. This will make it look more natural and realistic.


Step 12

Shadows will make your male face drawing look more vibrant, alive, and convincing. You should start with the darkest parts and work your way up to lighter areas. Remember to paint the pupils. In our article on shadows, we discussed what shadows are made from and how to portray them.


You can see that the learning process for drawing a male face doesn’t end with this step. We recommend that you repeat the steps multiple times and make small adjustments to create a male-faced drawing. This will consolidate the knowledge you have gained from this tutorial on drawing a male facial.


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