This guide will show you how to draw a Maine Coon Cat. This magnificent breed of cat has been a long-desired lesson. We finally did it. This lesson is simple and only twelve steps long. This sequence will lead to great results. Hope you enjoy our guide!


Step 1

We now begin our guide on drawing a Maine Coon Sat. We will use only simple geometric shapes in this first lesson. Draw three circles for the outline of the head, neck, and torso and four lines for the limbs.



Step 2

We drew a great silhouette. Let’s now do some more and make a base for additional detailing. Draw two lines that intersect at the contour of your face. The ears and tail will be drawn next. Next, connect the figures of the head and torso using smooth lines.


Step 3

Let’s draw our front legs. The paws of our cat are shaped like smooth, tapering shapes. There are tiny smooth extensions at the distal ends.


Step 4

The hind legs are even simpler. The front paws are very similar, while the hind legs look even simpler due to their unique perspective.


Step 5

Continue our tutorial on drawing a Maine Coon Cat. This is the final version of this animal. Let’s make the shape even more vivid by drawing a pair of eyes following the instructions in the first step. Because of the unique angles, one eye is closer to the vertical line than its counterpart.


Step 6

Let’s draw the nose, mouth, and ears of our cat. Draw a shape that looks like a mushroom. Next, draw two equal-sized circles that represent the cheeks. The mouth will be depicted by a small, rounded line at the bottom.


Step 7

This step will outline the head using additional lines. The distance between the old and new lines is much larger above the head. Take a look at the sample to see what it all means. Drawing the inner parts of your ears is another activity that you can take from this step.


Step 8

It can be difficult to distinguish between a fluffy cat and a chubby cat, sometimes. Both types of cats have large amounts of fur and wool. This step will allow us to draw fur and add volume. This is found in the lower portion of the cat’s trunk.


Step 9

This guide is almost complete. We hope you’re not too tired. This step will be used to create fur texture on the tail, hind legs, and back of your torso.


Step 10

Now it’s time for you to take out all the auxiliary lines and draw the final outline of your cat. Before moving on to the next step, you should review your drawing.


Step 11

Let’s make our cat livelier and more realistic by adding light shadows. It looks like a single layer or crosshatch. This is an important detail.


Step 12

We did a lot of hard work and achieved a great outcome!

We hope you found this drawing guide easy. Let’s now get to the useful tips. It’s not enough to just draw an animal with this guide. It is important to practice drawing these beautiful cats from memory and photos. Don’t forget to subscribe to all the popular social networks so you don’t miss any drawing tutorials.


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