How To Draw A Magnolia Flower Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Coffin Step by Step

Step 1

In the initial part of this tutorial of drawing magnolia flowers We will begin with the stem and then the first leaves of the flower.

The trunk can be drawn by drawing a rough and bumpy line, forming an acute angle, similar to the trunk of our illustration.

You can then draw the leaf that is extending from the center of your flower. This leaf should have rough border and an edge that is pointed.

You can draw lines on the inward edges, and then draw the central vein of the leaf.

In the final step Draw two large round petals over this leaf. The final thing you draw is two card on your right side.

Step 2 – Draw the remainder of the first flower and then draw some leaf details
The remainder of the first flower on the magnolia drawing you made in the next step. It will build upon the petals that you sketched during the first step.

The flower is composed of many layers of petals. So attempt to build on the petals that you can observe in the image to form the entire of the first flower.

After you’ve drawn that first flower, you can continue with the leaves you sketched in the previous step.

Add some detail to the contours of the leaves You’re now ready to move to step 3.

Step 3: Next you will draw additional leaves on the stem
Continue with this video tutorial on drawing the magnolia flower, we’ll draw some additional leaves to the stem.

The leaves you draw will be larger and thinner than the other leaves that you’ve sketched through this lesson.

Apart from those specifics they will appear identical! The leaves of all of them join to a central stem, which extends upwards from above the flowers head.

This trunk won’t be obvious, however, the trunk will be traced using the same bumpy and thick line you used to draw that main trunk.

Next, begin drawing a second stem that stands out but make sure to keep it as short since we’ll be adding an additional flower soon.

Step 4: Draw another flower to the stem
Your magnolias drawing looks amazing! In the next step, we’ll include some flowers in the image to make the picture complete.

We will now include a flower on the short stem you sketched in the previous step.

The variety also has some leaves near the base as well as many layers of petals but it’s smaller and thinner than other varieties.

It will then be the last detail to be addressed at the end of this step!

The 5th step is to add the last specifics to your magnolia sketch
To complete the drawing of this drawing tutorial for magnolia to finish, we’ll be adding a second bloom to our stem.

This will allow you to color your gorgeous drawing as the final step! We’ll draw another flower to the body of the drawing.

The shape of this flower will be somewhat different than the original flower that you sketched, since it’s in a different position from the first flower.

The flower is just as large as the one before it however, it’s more round in view at the sides. It also means that it isn’t possible to observe the inside of this particular flower.

After drawing this flower, you are free to incorporate your own ideas or ideas for background to complete the design and add your personal spin on it!

Step 6: Finish your magnolia painting by adding some color
We have mentioned in the introduction that this flower is a stunning delicate color. We did this in our illustration for this painting of the magnolia.

We used a mild yellow for the petalsand and then added some green stems and leaves.

If you are a fan of these colors, then make sure you use these for your own designs! You can also include certain of your own personal colors if you prefer.

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