Hello! Today we’ll show you how to draw a Magnet. It won’t be an extremely difficult drawing lesson, and we are hoping that everyone can be able to master the task.

Step 1
We will first draw the parallelogram. This will be the plane on which we will draw all the other things.

Step 2
Let’s draw some additional lines. This step will add volume to the shape we created in the earlier step.

Step 3
It’s great, we have a platform to allow us to draw a magnetic. At the top of the image, we will draw an arch.

Step 4
There are so many variations that we can make in the next step! If you examine the diagram, you’ll notice that we draw just three lines. The curved line is in the middle of the image, while shorter straight lines can be found along the edges.

Step 5
Remove all lines that were drawn in those steps. Draw straight lines to show how much space the magnet has.

Step 6
This is the final part of this tutorial, in which we demonstrate the drawing process of an image of a magnet. This is where we draw very soft shadows.

You can clearly see the lesson was fairly easy. The lesson was divided into very easy steps that were designed to simplify drawing to the maximum extent possible. Take note that we’ve drawn the most well-known kind of magnets. You can see them in various cartoons and films. Of course, there are lots of different types of magnets and they’re drawn differently.

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