You can be a fan of Apple Corporation or you can be averse to Apple Corporation. But, whatever you choose to do it’s not a matter of debate that their electronic devices are perfect. Today, we’ve created an illustration lesson on drawing the Magic Mouse from Apple.

In addition, you could conclude that the look of this mouse appears odd and bizarre. It’s true. If you are accustomed to this mouse a bit before you begin to consider every other computers mouse unique.

Step 1

Then, draw the outline that defines the shape of your body. You will notice an obvious distinguishing characteristic of the entire Apple method. It is the exclusion of any angles.

It is important to note that the contour appears unsymmetrical from this foreshortening.




Step 2

Draw a tiny but visible Apple logo to the left-hand side of your device. Then draw the right side of the mouse. The drawing is again very sleek and rounded contours. If you’ve done everything correctly and everything is perfect, you will have a sketch of an elegant and smooth mouse.



Step 3.

Create a shadow. It is evident that the shadows are on the left side from the first step and also on the top of the table. This is a simple one-sided shading. Make sure not to press on the pencil too much. For your drawings to appear more natural and attractive Add some highlights with several long strokes.


We are awestruck by Apple devices. If you’d like our help drawing more, simply post your ideas in the comment section. We’ll be thrilled to play with these amazing devices. Also, don’t overlook that we’ve accounts on every social network known to mankind including Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. We also publish announcements and reduced versions of our drawing tutorials. If you sign up for these pages, you will never be able to miss a single lesson on We believe that if you put in the effort and work to improve your drawing abilities each day, you’ll be a master in drawing that Apple engineers and engineers become experts in electronic design.


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