In the myths and legends of many different nations across the globe There are creatures that appear to be gorgeous women. In many stories, there are women who are associated with the forests. This particular woman will be the subject of present today’s instruction on drawing Madremonte.

Step 1
The model of our current model begins with a sketch of a skeleton. Sketch it with soft lines and ovals like in our illustration.

Step 2
We draw two lines across the head. This will assist us in drawing an image of our persona. Mark out all the contours and curvatures of our body, as depicted in the illustration.

Step 3
Now, sketch the outline of the major features of the physique of our woodland lady. Make sure to draw hair using branches and leaves.

Step 4
As you follow intersecting lines drawn on the head that was created in the second step Make sure you draw the lines of the nose, eyes, and mouth. For this, you should apply dark and clear lines as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 5
The drawing continues to show an outline of the face of our woodland girl. This is most likely the most difficult process where it is required to draw lots of tiny particulars. In this step, we will need to draw hair, branches, or leaves to the hair.

Step 6
Let’s now move to the body. Draw the leaves like in our illustration.

Step 7
Next, draw the arms and draw them using long lines and smooth lines. Make sure that the fingers be long and appear like branches.

Step 8
Now, we’ll move to the lower half which is the lower part of our body. Draw the legs using straight lines.

In this lesson, we showed our students the art of drawing a woodland lady Madremonte, a character that comes from South American folklore.

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