It’s a nice time of the day Dear artists. In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach how to draw the art of drawing the machete. The drawing lessons are part of drawing lessons for cold weapons like the sword and the katanas.
Step 1
First, create an extended horizontal line. This is the top edge of our machete.
Step 2
Draw a second line below the line drawn in the first step, just as in the example below.
Step 3
Utilizing the curved line, trace the grip of our machete.
Step 4
Draw an outline of sharpening the blade. Add there are three rivets in the grip.
Step 5
With short strokes, you can create glare on the blade as well as shadows over the grip.

The lesson was on drawing machetes step-by-step. Don’t forget to join us on social networks. to our social media accounts to share this drawing tutorial with your friends, and then write your comments on this piece.

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