Hello! Today we will discuss drawing with Macbook. Perhaps it’s the best laptop that has been created today.

Step 1
The first step is to draw a normal parallelogram. As you may recall from your school curriculum it is a quadrilateral containing two parallel sides.

Step 2
Then draw a second parallelogram which must be drawn on the plane of horizontal. The parallelogram must be on an adjoining side to the parallelogram that was drawn in the earlier step.

Step 3
It is essential for you to create a border around both of the figures. On top, you will see the border on only the left. The bottom has an edging to the left side and below.

Step 4
Let’s start with the top image. Let’s try drawing an outline inside.

Step 5
In this last step, we sketch the keyboard and touchpad.

It’s the end of this drawing lesson. If you enjoy it, we invite you to send us a MacBook, iPhone, or another Apple device.

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