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How to Draw A Lotus Flower

The national flower of India is the lotus. The lotus is the national flower of India. Children are taught how to draw it from an early age. Follow the below guide to help your child learn how to draw a lotus in an easy and elegant manner. Here’s how to draw lotus flowers. Lotus plants can thrive in delta areas and slow-moving rivers. Each year, hundreds of thousands of lotus seeds fall to the bottom of the pond. Some seeds grow quickly, and some are eaten by wildlife. However, many of the seeds remain dormant while the pond swells and dries.

Floods can cause sediments containing these seeds to burst, allowing them to rehydrate and form new lotus colonies. The lotus throne, a stylised lotus flower used as a foundation or seat for an individual in Asian art, is called a lotus throne. It is often found in Jain art and is used as a pedestal for heavenly figures in Buddhist or Hindu art.

How to Draw A Lotus Flower Step-By-Step

1st Step:

The central petal of the lotus flowers should be enclosed. Two curved lines should be used to do this. They should meet at the top in a sharp point. The bottom can be flat or rounded, like a teardrop.

2nd Step:

Draw a second flower, extending from the opposite side of your first. Use two straight lines again, with a sharp point at their top.

3rd Step:

The third petal can be drawn by drawing two curve lines parallel to the first.

4th Step:

You can draw additional petals on either side of the flower. These will be visible between the petals. You can use two lines to draw each one, so they will meet in points.

5th Step:

Draw the lower petals of your flower. Three sets of curved lines should be drawn from the bottom to create the lower petals. Allow the lines to intersect in points.

6th Step:

Use two curve lines to draw additional petals in between the upper petals.

7th Step:

Additional lower petals can be drawn from the back of each flower. Next, draw lines of different lengths starting at the base of some petals to detail them. This gives the flower depth.

8th Step:

The anthers are pollen-producing structures that you should draw within the flower. Two parallel lines should be drawn from the center of each anther. Draw a circle at the tip to enclose the lines.

9th Step:

Draw the environment of the flower. Draw a slightly bent horizon line that passes behind the flower. You can draw a lily pad underneath it by drawing an irregular circular shape. Draw several more lily pads. Each one should be an irregular circle, like a pie that has a slice. Details the lily pads with short, curved lines. Draw wavy horizontal lines of different lengths around the lily pads in order to show ripples in water.

10th Step:

Color your lotus flower. Lotuses can be colored in a variety of colors, including yellow, pink, purple or white.

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