Hello, dear fans of artists, sports cars, and visitors to our website. Today, we will demonstrate how to draw the Lotus Elise. If you’re a fan of drawing classes and frequently browse our website, then probably you are aware that our website is packed with sports cars including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jaguar, and many more.

Step 1
You probably are aware that drawing lessons begin with basic lines and gradually proceed to the finer particulars. Therefore, sketch the general outline for the main body part of our Lotus Elise using very light and fluid lines.

Step 2
Another fundamental step is where we add on the major aspects of our vehicle. Draw the wheel arches as in the example below.

Step 3
Then we begin drawing the details. We always draw by drawing from the front to the back of the car and this drawing class is no different. By using smooth, straight lines, draw the car’s headlights and hood.

Step 4
Continue adding details to the front of the Lotus Elise. Draw a grille that has round headlights within. Next, draw the front bumper with air intake and the rear bumper.

Step 5
It is rare to draw cars with an open top. This one is among the rare. Draw the back-view mirror, windshield, and rear part of the vehicle.

Step 6
Continue with the drawing instruction on drawing Lotus Elise. Draw out the seats’ visible parts and then add some glare to the windshield by using some strokes.

Step 7
Continue to draw the lines at the rear of your car which will go through the trunk. Then draw the door and details on the sides of the car.

Step 8
A rather difficult step, you need to create wheel archways and wheels. The lines should be smooth, and the wheel’s ovals must be evenly spaced.

Step 9
Then we come to the final step. Draw the rims. They obviously can be in any shape and kind. Then, at the end make shadows with a simple hatching.

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