This is a new instructional video on drawing a loon. It is a species of waterfowl found in the northern regions part of Europe, Asia, and America.

Step 1
Draw two ovals, both small and large, this is the head and the torso of the loon. Join them by a curving neckline.

Step 2
Draw out a beak and or tail and lengthen the neck with a third line beneath the line drawn in the prior step.

Step 3
Join the details of the drawing by the smooth contour. Draw an eye and make waves across the water.

Step 4
Utilizing smooth, clear lines Draw the loon’s sketch. Remove all guidelines that are not needed and begin hatching.

Step 5
Draw short lines on the wings, and long lines around the neck. After that, you can hatch them to create shadows.

It appears to us that the lesson of drawing the image of a loon was easy enough. However, we’ll provide some useful suggestions. The waves on the water have to be drawn using gentle lines and with a smooth surface Don’t apply too much pressure to the pencil. Remember that any mistakes in your drawing of a loon will be apparent when you look in the mirror. If you’re looking to learn how to draw loons in other poses, applying the techniques learned in this tutorial, you can draw a Loon using photos found on the Internet.


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