Dear readers welcome to 3dvkarts! This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a long sword. The average length of a long sword is 90cm. It is shorter than a greatsword and longer than a short sword.

People invented many types of long swords during the Middle Ages. This article can be used to depict any type of long sword.

Step 1
Start with one straight line. This will ensure that our sword is as proportional and even as possible.

Step 2
As a guide, draw a circle at the end of the line. This will be used to make a pommel. It can be either round or any other shape.

Step 3
Continue to hold the sword in your hand. The grip should be drawn in the shape of a circle. You can make the grip slightly convex in its middle.

Step 4
Draw the guard at the end of your grip. It can be straight, or slightly curved like in the example. Gard can be made in a more complex form.

Step 5
Draw the blade. The blade should be slightly wider than the handle and gradually tapers towards the tip.

Step 6
Draw the fuller at the center of your blade.

Step 7
The lesson on How to Draw a Longsword concludes with some shadows created using light hatching.


The most commonly used type of sword in the world is the long sword. These swords are owned by knights as well as warriors from the ancient and medieval worlds. We hope you found this drawing lesson informative and interesting. Share this lesson with your friends and follow us on social media.


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