how to draw a lollipop

As you are aware that the team at offers very easy drawing guidelines for artists who are aspiring. For instance, the tutorial on drawing lollipops will be one of those easy-to-follow articles.

In our readership, there are lots of kids and beginning artists looking for the easiest drawing instruction. These tutorials are extremely helpful for anyone who is just beginning their art and wants to draw simple geometric forms and objects.

Are you prepared with pencils and paper in good order? If yes, then let’s look into the step-by-step guide on drawing lollipops.


Step 1

Let’s begin drawing a lollipop using the most basic of shapes – the typical circle. You can draw this geometric form using the help of a compass, however, it’s best to avoid the use of a mirror. Mirrors can help you discern the imperfections regarding the proportions.




Step 2

Make a stick with two parallel lines that are long and one shorter. You can then use the ruler, however, it is best to make do without other equipment to discover how to draw even geometric forms.




Step 3

This step is sure to be one of the toughest in the instructions on drawing the lollipop. Using a uniform spiral line, depict a lollipop texture. It is essential to keep track of proportionality and to achieve the highest level of evenness in the design.




Step 4

This is the part that’s most intriguing. In the final part of this tutorial on drawing candy, we’ll paint the lollipop with color. With any colored or non-toxic pencils, color the lollipop with any color you’d like. We decided to go with purple and pink colors to ensure that the lollipop design appeared as cute as could be.




Instructions on drawing the lollipop are too easy for you, try to draw something more complex like the shape of a tree or an animal like a rabbit. If you’re trying to illustrate something that is extremely complicated, follow the instructions for the drawing of a trooper.

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