How to Draw A Lobster -

How to Draw A Lobster

How to Draw A Lobster

Lobsters are among the most bizarre animals in the animal kingdom.

With their large pincers, red exoskeleton and curious appearance, these crustaceans almost seem to be from another planet.

It can be fun to recreate their unusual appearance in art. Learn how to draw lobsters if that is something you are interested in!

You will be able to follow the steps once you’ve reached the end.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a lobster in 6 simple steps.

1st Step:

Our guide to drawing lobsters will begin with the most recognisable features of the lobster: its pincers!

The pincers will look more real than they are now.

The pincers’ outer edges will be drawn in a smooth, but slightly rounded manner.

Next, draw the claws of your pincers. Finally, create the inner edge with some bumpy lines.

After you’ve drawn the pincers you can draw the arms attached to them.

Make sure you leave a small gap between the reference image and the drawing of the arms. This is for the antenna of your lobster, which you’ll be drawing later.

2nd Step:

Once the arms and pincers have been completed, it is time to move on to the body and head of the lobster drawing. It will have a thin, pointed face with two black dots at the eyes.

Next, draw small lines that run from the front of your face. For more structural detail, the body will be drawn using a smooth but curving line.

You can end this step by drawing the long, tin-colored antennae that come down from your head.

These will fill the space between your arms and the one you left.

3rd Step:

Now it’s time for you to start drawing legs in this step . Refer to our guide on how to draw a lobster. These will be located right below the base of your arms.

Each leg will be drawn in two sections, using smooth lines and slight curves.

This will complete the first step. Now you can move on to the next!

4th Step:

After you’ve drawn the legs, it should not be difficult to add more to your lobster drawing.

These two legs will be very similar to the four you first drew, although they may look a bit longer than the others. However, the legs that are left will be slightly different.

The legs will now be drawn in three sections instead of the usual two. However, the first segment will be quite short. The leg’s final segment will curve backwards very sharply.

Once you are satisfied with the look of the legs, you can move on to the next steps.

5th Step:

The final step in , our guide on drawing lobsters, will focus on finishing the lobster’s body. This step will focus primarily on the tail.

Some bumpy lines will be drawn downwardly to define the outline of the tail. As shown in the reference photo, there will be horizontally curved lines running down the tail.

The tail can be finished by adding the round end that has been divided into two pieces. This will cover all the details in this guide. However, you don’t need to go on to the final step.

To really complete the project, you could add your own details.

You could also draw a background to show how the lobster lives, or even more lobsters to give it company!

You can add fish or other marine life to your background if you have drawn it.

How do you finish this lobster for the last step?

6th Step:

You’re done with the lobster drawing. There’s only one thing left! You can now relax and have some coloring fun while you bring this drawing to life.

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