how to draw a lizard

In this easy and basic tutorial, The team at will teach you the steps to draw a Lizard. The tutorial consists of seven steps, all the new lines, which we have painted red to ensure the most simplicity and clarity.


Step 1

The first step is to draw the chest, head, and pelvis as a series of three balls. Then, using a single line, show the backbone which goes into the tail. Four simple lines sketch the legs.




Step 2

With a smooth and long line, draw the neck and face. After that by using two ovals create your eye off the Lizard. From this perspective, the mouth isn’t apparent.




Step 3

Then, using two straight lines create volume on the tail and the torso that tapers very smoothly towards the end.




Step 4

With a couple of simple lines, you can add some more volume to the legs. The forelimbs are noticeably smaller than the hind legs.




Step 5

In this phase this stage, we will actually complete the drawing of the lizard. We will draw the feet. The shape will be the same as the drawing by the artists at




Step 6

Clean up all secondary lines of the drawing of the lizard, which we sketched at the beginning stage. It is possible to darken the reptile drawing using ink or a pen, for instance.




Step 7

Take the yellow or green color and paint the reptile. You could also paint some patterns or stripes on the body of the reptile.




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