How to Draw a Lionfish, Lionfish

How to Draw a Lionfish, Lionfish

Step one:

Start by drawing circles for the head. Draw using the slightly arched face guide as.

Step two:

You will then sketch the facial structure of the Lionfish. Be patient so that the final image looks amazing. Integrate the spikes into the lining as these spiked fins constitute the body of the fish. These spikes are referred to as the dorsal fin spines . they can be poisonous.

Step three:

The next step is to draw your pectoral fins, which are in this instance, expanded outward. They aren’t venomous. After the fin has been pulled in, you can draw an eyeball and then draw the mouth.

Step four:

Next step finishing off the body of the lionfish, and this can be done by drawing spinal fins in the pelvic and the anal fin spines. These fins are all poisonous, but the caudal fins aren’t. After you’ve finished then you can begin tidying up your drawing before drawing the tiger-like stripes.

Step five:

Make sure to take your time while you draw out the stripes across the Lionfish. This includes the face, head as well as all fins. The fish should be swathed with stripes, including the eyeball.

Step six:

Here’s the lionfish that you will be looking like after you’re finished. You can now select the shade you like and then color it. Great work people!

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