How To Draw A Lioness Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to draw a Hammer Step by Step

Step 1

In the initial step of this drawing tutorial for lioness We’ll begin by drawing the animal’s head neck, legs, and ear.

Lions have snouts that are rather short and this makes their heads a well-rounded and effective design. By using smooth lines you can sketch lines around the nose, head and mouth.

We draw small, rounded ears that are placed on top of the head.

Once the sketch has been drawn we’ll include some additional details within. This will include the inside contours of the ears, as well as there will be faces for eyes and nose.

Then, complete with drawing in the lioness’s massive shoulders and her large, first leg. Then , it’s moved to step 2.

Step 2: Now, draw the belly of the lioness.
In the next stage of the drawing of your lioness We will draw the belly of her. This should be an easy task for you to do!

To begin make a curved line that runs back from below the shoulders of the leg you traced in the earlier step.

We’ll then add some details to the belly area to give it the appearance of being more rough. To achieve this, draw several lines in close proximity to create some shading details to the belly.

It’s all you have to do in this step. Now, proceed to step 3 in the tutorial!

Step 3 – Draw the remainder of the body contours for the Lioness
We’ll be adding a lot to the drawing in this stage of drawing the lioness tutorial.

In this portion, we’ll finish the contour of the lioness. Then, you can begin with drawing the lioness’s back in another contour.

Then it will grow into an angled tail. There will be a little hindquarters near the base of the tail, which connects onto the abdomen.

To complete this step to complete this step, draw the lower portion of the front leg to the left of the body. After that, add shading to the elements prior to continuing.

Step 4 – Then draw the hind leg of the lioness.
It is now possible to complete the last leg of the drawing of the lioness before adding some additional details in the following step.

The leg will be extended forwards, and it will be placed slightly lower than the tail. There will also be more shading on the legs, more so than the shading you have used for other areas that the lioness has.

That’s the total shape of the lioness’s body, and you’ll then be able to complete the design with those last details.

Step 5 : Add your final details to the lioness’s drawing.
You’re about to paint some color in the final stage of our guide on drawing an lioness. But first, we’ll draw the ground that she’s walking over.

Draw a long line under the lioness’s feet to create this ground. Then, you can add little detail and even cobblestones. Prior to moving to the final section of the tutorial you can add some specifics of your own to complete the look!

There are many different places where lions can be seen and you could paint backgrounds with details like tall grass , or perhaps an aquatic background.

These are only some of the ideas you could work on What else could you think of to top off this magnificent lioness?

Step 6 – Complete your lioness’s drawing using the color
This is the last step of drawing your lioness, and then we’ll finish the drawing with some color.

Lions don’t have a lot of bright colors, however this allows them to blend into the surrounding when hunting.

We have created an appearance that is more realistic in our photo, which means that we used the light brown tone for part of the Lioness.

With this tan we also added more light shades and deeper shades, to give the colors little brighter.

The ground was completed the look with the dark, deep brown. You could apply similar colors if you like the way they look but be free to experiment with other color you prefer.

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