how to draw a lion head

In this easy ten-stage tutorial, the team at will teach the user the art of drawing a lion’s head simple and fast.

The big animal is regarded as the most powerful animal. It is evident in numerous pieces of art, icons as well as statues. this time we’ll show the art of drawing a Lion’s head, just as artists have done for many centuries.


Step 1

Therefore, we always draw heads of animal heads that begin with a ball. And the instructions on drawing a lion’s head will be an instance. Therefore, draw the ball like in the picture below.




Step 2

Then, near that point, depict what you think are the eyes of the lion, in the form of two geometric shapes in the shape of almonds.




Step 3

In the third lower we will draw what the nose looks like of the Lion. Make a heart-shaped nose again and show the nostrils in the drawing below.




Step 4

Now let’s depict the mouth of a Lion. Begin by drawing the upper section of the mouth. Then, follow depicting the rounded lower jaw by drawing rough lines.




Step 5

The most striking characteristic of a lion’s hair is thick and fluffy. Thus, using lines of light begin to show the inner contours of the mane which frame the face.




Step 6

Then, using identical lines sketch the outline of your mane. The result should appear very full and soft.




Step 7

Then, draw ears along both sides of the large cat’s head. In contrast to a normal cat, the lion’s ears are large ears. Then, draw the lines that run through the ears.




Step 8

It is time to give Lion’s horn an even more dense realistic, fluffy appearance. For this, you need to draw many lines like in the picture below.




Step 9

Clean all the instructions from the head of the lion and trace the entire thing with precise and elegant lines, then draw the mustache and move to the end of the instructions on drawing a lion’s head.




Step 10

Then, let’s paint the head of a lion. Paint the lion’s skin in sand-colored shades The mane and the nose in brown and the eyes’ pupils are golden in color.




All you need to know for your dear readers and artists of The instruction on drawing the head of a lion was in the following paragraph itself.

Have you got any ideas for a future article? What other things do you want to master? Are you having any problems or issues sketching the head of the lion? Tell us about it and all the other things you have to say about since we read all your feedback and will respond to most of them.

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