How do you draw a lion’s face? This might seem like a difficult task. But we have tried to simplify it into ten easy steps. Follow the steps and then try to do the same. You will see great results in the end. Let’s get started.


Step 1

We now have a guide for drawing a lion’s face. We love to create intricate and cool designs with simple geometric shapes. In this step, we’ll draw a regular circular. Draw this circle in the middle of the paper if you are creating a portrait.



Step 2

Let’s now add some markings to this circle. To indicate the symmetry of your face, a vertical line must be drawn. The horizontal line will outline the location of the eyes. This is something you’ve probably seen before if you’re a regular reader. In this step, we will also draw the outline of a large and voluminous mane.


Step 3

This is the next step in our guide to drawing a lion’s face. In this step, we’ll be working with the face marking up. Let’s draw the contours of our ears. These contours shouldn’t be symmetrical. We will also outline the eyes, nose, and mouth with short lines in this step.


Step 4

We need to spice up the drawing by adding the eyes. Pay close attention to where the pupils are located – this is an important detail that will affect the direction and expression of your gaze.


Step 5

We are glad you have drawn great eyes. Now let’s draw a nostril. As you can see, the nose of our lion is quite large and wide. Draw the nostrils, and make a few small but obvious folds running laterally.


Step 6

There are very few details. Draw the cheeks of our lion using smooth, rounded lines. The texture of the coat can be depicted by using small, quick strokes on the lower jaw.


Step 7

Let’s add more fur to our lion. Lions have thick, voluminous manes. We won’t be able to draw all of the furs. However, we will outline the edges with oblique lines.


Step 8

We can now delete any auxiliary lines we were using earlier. The final lines will be drawn using more visible and clearer outlines.


Step 9

We need to add shadows at the end. The mane is created by using many densely spaced, wavy lines. These lines are in opposing directions. This gives our drawing a more realistic look. You can also add dense shading to the eyes, nose, and mouth.


Step 10

This is the final step. We will verify the placement of the basic shapes and shadows from the previous steps. This was a very helpful drawing guide.


We hope you found this tutorial on drawing a lion’s face helpful. We tried our best to make something similar. Please let us know if you find any errors in this tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe to our pages on all the popular social networks so you don’t miss any drawing tutorials.


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