In this sketching tutorial, we’ll show how to draw a lime and how to sketch the shape of a lime. We chose to create an article on this fruit due to it being slightly different in its shape and size in comparison to lemons.

Step 1
In the case of drawing lemons in the first step, we’d require drawing an oval. However, we’ll draw an asymmetrical and uneven circle.

Step 2
This is a simple and short step. We draw a tiny gap to the left side of the lime as shown in our illustration.

Step 3
Draw lines that are short and curly around the edges of this fruit that is sour. You will notice that we have drawn some more lines. This will allow you to create an orange texture.

Step 4
Now, we draw shadows. Shadows appear like light hatching at places where light doesn’t fall.

In this lesson, which is based on four steps that are very easy to follow that we’ve taught you how to draw fruit, called lime. Utilizing the techniques from this drawing tutorial, you’ll be able to draw other fruits that resemble lime, like an orange. The only distinction between the two is the fact that lemons are longer, whereas the lime is rounder.

If you’d like to know how to draw fruits that don’t look exactly similar to citrus, check out our category titled “Food”, where you will discover lessons on watermelon, cherry, apple, and more. These tutorials are beneficial to people who would like to learn to draw images with the look of still life. For instance, you can place the lime, a handful of apples, or a jug filled with flowers at the end of the table. Of course, each of these items can be arranged how to draw by following the guidelines at


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