How To Draw A Lime Step by Step

The basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

If we’re drawing an orange, in the first step we’ll have to draw an oval. However, for the moment, we’ll first draw an unsymmetrical circle.

Step 2

This is a simple and short step. We draw a tiny gap just to the left of the lime, just as in our case.

Step 3.

Draw curved and short lines around the edges of this tart. You will notice that we have drawn below several lines. This will aid in creating the texture of citrus.

Step 4

Then we draw shadows. Shadows appear like light shining out when the light isn’t shining.

In this tutorial, using four easy steps, we’ve shown you how the art of drawing a fruit, is called lime. Utilizing the techniques in this drawing tutorial it is possible to draw other fruits that resemble lemons, like the lemon. There is only one difference: the lemon’s length is larger, while the lemon is a bit rounder.

If you’d like to master the art of sketching fruit that doesn’t look like citrus, check out the “Food” category to learn about apples, watermelons, cherries, and. more. These tutorials are beneficial to those who would like to learn how to draw still-life-style paintings. For instance, you can place an apple, a lime, and a pot of flowers on the table. Of course, each of these items is available for drawing by watching tutorials at

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