How to Draw a Lily of The Valley

Draw a great looking Lily of the Valley with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions and video tutorial. Great for kids and beginner artists!

The Lily of the Valley is a flower that smells wonderful associated with asparagus. It’s also known as lily of the valley as well as Lady’s tears, May bells or Mary’s tear. The majority of plants have only two leaves, and one stem of bell-shaped flowers.

The Lily in the Valley has a poisonous effect on animals and humans however, some butterflies utilize it for food sources. It is a very popular shade-loving flower in the garden, and perfumes are able to mimic the sweet aroma. Royal family members of Britain prefers it as a flower for weddings. Lilies of the valley are featured on Moldova postmarks as well as Norwegian coats of arms and is recognized as a symbol of national significance for Yugoslavia in addition to Finland.

1. Draw two long horizontal lines that are wavy. On top, bend the lines to make a hooked shape. This will create the stem of the flower.

2. Make two rows thinly spaced, curving parallel lines starting from one other side. Join them at their ends. Then, extend two curly lines from each, creating an upside-down “U” shape. Draw a smaller curved line on each side of the “U,” angling inward. Connect these with the curvature of a “V” shaped line. The flower is then enclosed that has three petals.
3. Draw a set of more narrowly separated, parallel lines that extend from the opposite end of the plant. Draw the tip of a flower starting with an upside-down “U” shape. Create the three petals by using shorter, curly lines. Repeat this procedure to create another flower at the top of the stem.
4. Expand two additional lines of spaced and narrowly parallel lines out from the stem. Draw an edging at the top of each.
5. Expand two additional lines that are narrowly spaced and parallel lines out from the stem to allow them to overlap. Next, draw three petals at the top of each.
6. Fill in any spaces that are empty by adding a flower.
7. Then, draw the lily from the valley’s big leaf. Draw three lines that curve upwards from the side and bottom on the stem. Allow the three lines to meet above the flowers. The central line is what is known as the vein.
8. Draw a second, smaller branch on the other side. Make sure to draw three converging lines. On the top on the leaf you can create an irregularly curving shape. This is a sign of bending the leaf, and also will give your image depth.
9. Utilize curved lines to draw veins across each leaf.
10. The lily you color is valley. The flowers of lily of the valley are usually white, however they could also be lighter pink. The leaves are usually dark green.
How to Draw a Lily of The Valley

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