How to draw a lightning bolt

Readers of 3dvkarts often asked us to show how to draw a lightning bolt. We decided to make this instruction very simple and cartoony. With the help of six simple stages, which you will see below, you can depict not only a lightning bolt but also the Flash logo.

In this instruction, there will be exclusively straight lines that can be depicted either with a ruler or without it. So prepare your favorite art supplies and let’s get down to the instruction on how to draw a lightning bolt.

Thunder and lightning are common during the rainy season. A lightning bolt is basically the zigzag line that tears across the sky. The blinding flash has been depicted by a simple step by step sketch in this drawing activity.

Are you wondering how to draw a lightning bolt? Don’t worry, my step-by-step drawing pictures with video tutorial will be helpful for your lightning strike drawing session. Most of you would find the zigzag line ripping across the sky incredible. How brilliant would it look if you add it to your drawings?

I know you’re excited to draw a lightning bolt and you’d be amazed that I will be there with you to teach the simple procedure through my step-by-step video tutorials. Let’s together proceed further to the steps without delay.

How to draw a lightning bolt Step by Step

  • To get started, depict the top of the lightning bolt with two straight lines
  • As we said, the tutorial on how to draw a lightning bolt will consist only of straight lines. So, with a zigzag line, draw the bottom.
  • One side of the lightning bolt is complete, let’s now take care of the second side. To do this, make three lines in the form of a zigzag
  • In this stage, we will actually finish drawing the lightning bolt. Finish creating the right side and depict a horizontal line at the very top.
  • With the help of your favorite painting tools (colored pencils, paints or even felt-tip pens) paint the lightning bolt either blue or yellow,

Some lightning bolt Drawing pictures:

Drawing can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing. While drawing cartoon figures, there are many unique elements that one should know how to draw.

One such icon is the sign of lightning bolts. These come in handy whether you are using it to indicate a weather scenario or to complete the superhero Flash’s outfit.

In reality, lightning is a dramatic exchange of electrons, which can release an extraordinary amount of energy. Although difficult to produce a recorded image of a lightning bolt, representations of the common electrical phenomena can be found throughout contemporary culture.

From high-powered race cars to comic books to advertising posters, symbolic representations of lightning bolts are a common fixture of our visual world. Painting a lightning bolt is not so much dependent on actual observation of the weather event, but rather an accumulation of visual data gathered from the wide array of artists’ interpretations that have been produced over the course of art history.

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