Tonight, I decided to complete another drawing class on Comic book characters. I entered my room with an iced tea in my hands and began writing. When I turned the switch and saw that it wasn’t functioning, I was unhappy and delayed writing an article on comic characters. The switch has been changed and I have decided to share with you the drawing of the switches. This is an important aspect.

Step 1
First, we draw a normal parallelogram. This isn’t an oval. Draw it using a ruler.

Step 2
In this step, we create a parallelogram within the first one. Additionally, we will draw an outline on the right side of the drawing to make the drawing larger.

Step 3
Then we draw a new border, but only for the parallelogram that is drawn.

Step 4

In the final step, we applied an even one-sided shade on the edges on the right side.

This lesson is completed. It was just a straight-line drawing exercise. We’ll see you on our website’s pages!

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