how to draw a light bulb

The team at is awestruck by the ability to draw interesting objects that are related to interior design. house interior. Today we’ll teach the user the art of drawing the lamp.

We will teach you ways to draw the lightbulb with simple geometric forms. We painted all of the new lines for each stage with red, and then came up with a simple and understandable explanation that will simplify the method of learning to draw as well as we can.


Step 1

Let’s sketch an electric lightbulb by drawing an easy ball. You can make this ball using the help of a compass or without. The geometric shape should be completely circular and uniform.




Step 2

Then, draw the top of the lightbulb in an outline similar to that of the letters U with a flat bottom. Now our sketch appears more of a skull, do you think?




Step 3.

Then, go to the lower portion of the lamp’s bulb and sketch the lamp holder, or the base. Make sure to use straight lines and clear lines, like the artists from used in their sketch below.




Step 4

Next by using some oblique lines sketch a thread on the bottom that is the target. The artwork we create with each stage will look more like a lightbulb sketch, isn’t it?




Step 5

Then, put the pencil away and then use an eraser to remove any guidelines left by the drawing of the lightbulb. Pick a pencil that is dark or ink, and draw the lightbulb’s outline to make it clearer and more attractive appearance.




Step 6

Let’s move to an inside view of the lamp to sketch its glass mounting. Draw this part by drawing an uneven line like the artists from did.




Step 7

Next, using only some lines, draw the wires supporting it. Try to duplicate everything like the artists from have done in their sketch below.




Step 8

By drawing a curly line show the filament of tungsten. Don’t forget to draw two wires that are dangling away from the mount and down the sides.




Step 9

If you’ve done everything right and you have done everything correctly, your sketch of a lightbulb ought to be like the sketch that the artists from did as shown in this sketch. You can remove all unnecessary guidelines and draw your design using a darker pencil or ink.




Step 10

Grab your pencils, paints, or a felt-tip pencil and color the bulb. Paint the glass itself yellow, while the base light blue or gray. You can add some shadows and glares in your drawing to make your lighting bulb design really unique and stunning.




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