Hello, fellow artists and lovers of fantasy. We sketched a number of characters and monsters from different fantasy worlds. We decided to keep the theme of drawing licks and even created instructions on drawing a “lich”.

Step 1
We’ll start with the skull of the Lich. Begin by sketching out the head in the shape of an oval. Then outline the chest, spine, and pelvis. After that, at the end of the step, draw legs and arms. The first step must always be drawn using gentle lines. Even though today’s character isn’t quite human, we’ll use the rules of drawing a normal man.

Step 2
Create lines of symmetry over the head, which intersect in the middle of your face. Then, draw a line around the torso that tapers towards the waist. Draw arms using simple geometric shapes. Draw a high collar that is behind your head. In the lower portion of the image, draw legs and the long cloak over the other leg.

Step 3
The majority of us begin adding details out of the head. This lesson on drawing the eye is not an exception. Utilizing the horizontal line of the previous step, draw evil eyes. Just below, draw nostrils and a large skull-like mouth, filled with teeth.

Step 4
Continue working on the lines in the upper part of the drawing. Draw the crown on the head of the lich. Alongside the head, draw hanging pieces of torn tissue. When you have completed the procedure, carefully pull out the collar that is high.

Step 5
Now let’s look at the upper torso which is the part of the lich. By removing all lines, trace the particulars of the clothing that is on the body. In addition, we have drawn a rather unusual outfit but you can wear your lich with any style.

Step 6
Then let’s focus on those arms that our lich. Utilizing smooth and clear lines, trace the boney, thin arms of our dead. Draw long, bony fingers around your hands and bandages around the wrists, and then add folds on the clothing.

Step 7
We’ll move to the end of our drawing. Draw the boney part of the monster’s leg. Draw the bandages and folds in the manner we have shown (or sketch your own version of the dress as we did in the previous paragraph).

Step 8
Draw the long, lower portion of the clothing that is closed to form the next leg. Include holes and folds in the fabric. In the same way, draw a ragged cape that is visible behind the lich.

Step 9
Let’s now make our drawing more authentic and live (no matter how absurd it might sound in the lesson on the lich). We always advise that you use hatching to create shadows in your drawing. Place them in the least illuminated areas of your drawing. However, this isn’t the only method to draw shadows. For instance, you could use the comical style of drawing shadows in the case of the lesson on Robin.

Are you drawing similar to ours? We invite you to share your artwork on social media platforms and share our lesson with your fellow artists.


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