Dear artists and car enthusiasts. We present to you an instructional drawing lesson on drawing the Lexus LFA. As you may know, Lexus LFA is a rear-wheel drive supercar from Lexus, the Japanese company Lexus it is the first car of a similar class.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the basic forms of our vehicle. With the aid of light, even lines, sketch out the car’s body.

Step 2
In the lower section, sketch out the wheel arches and wheels. A little above, you can draw rearview mirrors. When drawing, keep in mind that these are additional steps and that in the future, the lines you draw will disappear so make sure to use the lightest possible lines.

Step 3
At this point, we’ll make use of very dark and clear lines. There are many straight lines within Lexus LFA. Lexus LFA, so the car’s hood is comprised of straight lines.

Step 4
Continue with the drawing lesson on drawing the Lexus LFA. The radiator grille is drawn which appears a little like the shape of a rectangle. On the sides of the grille draw air intakes and the remainder of the bumper.

Step 5
The upper portion of the Lexus LFA is more curved than the front and the bumper. Thus, using a slightly curved line, draw the roof. Next, draw lines for the window and mirrors for the rear.

Step 6
Following the lines of the roof, draw the rear to the back of the car. Then draw the door and the details on the sides and rear of the vehicle. Don’t overlook drawing the visible portion of the taillight.

Step 7
So, we’ve reached the end of drawing a sketch of the Lexus sports car. Draw out the Wheel arches, wheel, and rims. The toughest part is drawing the wheels and wheels in a smooth and even manner. This is, in fact, the most difficult step in the drawing class of any automobile. You can also add shadows, for instance in drawing lessons on Maserati as well as Aston Martin.

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