We have decided that was not a good resource for users like you. Today we’ll draw a useful vegetable. This is lettuce. In all seriousness, it will be a drawing lesson for beginners. Let’s begin with this drawing lesson on drawing the lettuce step by step.

Step 1

In the beginning, sketch out the rounded shape of the plant. The figure taper smoothly downwards. Draw the shortest lines as in the future, we’ll be required to erase all drawn lines. We wish you a great drawing experience and hope you do not have any issues creating this simple drawing.


Step 2

It’s great that we don’t have to draw lettuce on the cut. It would be necessary to draw lots of leaves. However, in this situation, we draw the outline of massive leaves on the exterior. In this case, we must make use of very light and winding lines.


Step 3

Create the outline of the leaves as uneven as in our example. Remove all extra lines that were drawn in previous steps. A variety as well as winding lines trace veins across the leaf’s surface.


Step 4

We are now on the final stage where we sketch shadows. In our instance, they appear like large areas of openings. If you draw shadows think about the bends of leaves and the location of their bends.


We’re sure the lesson is easy, and that all of our readers will be able to get with the task. However, from time to time even in such simple lessons, we get comments saying that the guide is difficult. If you too have difficulty with this lesson note down what led to your problems, and we’ll endeavor to rectify the problem and ensure that the following lessons will be easier.

If, on the opposite, you’re looking for more advanced lessons that challenge your abilities and push them to a completely higher level of learning, head to the categories referred to as “People” or “Cars”. We’re certain that within these categories you’ll find plenty of exciting and difficult drawing lessons.

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