Myths and legends about myths and legends of East Slavic peoples are very fascinating and unique as they are creatures that blend Western and Eastern themes. On our website, you can find numerous drawing lessons on the most diverse characters from Russian mythology, including Koschei’s The Immortal as well as Baba Yaga. Today we will explore the topic with instruction on drawing the leash, the spirit-master in the forest from the legends of Russia and the other Eastern Slavs.

Step 1
The skeleton is the first thing we sketch by drawing it with simple lines that are very light. The first step is to sketch the head, and then the spine’s line with the pelvis and the thorax. Then draw the legs and arms, and then move to step two.

Step 2
Draw lines on the head like in our illustration. Then add the volume of both the neck and the torso on the leash. Utilizing simple geometric shapes we draw legs and arms. Draw the length of an axe in the palm within the palm and an in the hand and a stone in the foot.

Step 3
We’ll now focus on the finer details. As always, begin at the top of the head. By drawing light lines in the next step we will draw the nose, eyes, and mouth. Make sure to carefully draw out the form of the mustache as well as the teeth.

Step 4
By using long as well as twisting lines meticulously sketch out the contours of an extended beard or mustache as well as hair. In the same way, we draw out the outline of the head that is bald and ears.

Step 5
Based on the depictions of the people of those of East Slavic lands, the flesh is a man of old age. So, we have to portray the form of an old yet athletic torso.

Step 6
As we mentioned the body of a leshy must be mature however, it should be athletic. Take care to draw the outline of muscles as well as a long axe in their left hand of his. Make sure to erase any unnecessary instructions.

Step 7
With the aid of torn lines, draw the outline of the loincloth and of the muscles of the leash. For the legs make certain to draw the outline of the knee muscles and joints. Take away any unneeded rules.

Step 8
The drawing is pretty much complete. We only require some shadows to make our leash more real. Make the shadows with the hatching technique of various densities.

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