How to Draw a Leprechaun

Folklore describes leprechauns as supernatural creatures in tiny human forms that are believed to be cobblers and bankers of the fairy realm. They are known for their mischievous and wealth.

This tutorial is highly requested because of the mystery surrounding the existence of leprechauns.

You’ve asked for it, so we delivered. We’ve compiled a step-by – tutorial that shows you how to draw leprechauns in just 9 steps.

Each step comes with clear illustrations to help you understand the steps and guide you as you go.

These steps can be followed by anyone, no matter how advanced or novice you are at drawing. You can also add your own style to each step and improvise.

You can mix and match colors to make your artwork unique. Allow your imagination to run wild and unleash your creative potential. Pick your favorite drawing tool, and get started!

Have fun with your artistic abilities!

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1st Step:

In the upper part of your paper, draw the head of the Leprechaun. Draw a large hat on the head of the leprechaun.

After that, cover the face with hair from its top to its beard. To complete its head’s appearance, place a pointed ear on either side of the leprechaun.

You have now drawn the head of a Leprechaun. You’re almost there!

2nd Step:

Draw the collar and flaps of the suit underneath the leprechaun. You can add your style and design to the suit as you wish.

3rd Step:

We have now completed the drawing of the opening of the suit. It is time to complete the whole suit.

Draw the sleeves of each side. You should also add an inner shirt, as leprechauns serve as professional bankers in this world of fairies.

4th Step:

Pair the suit with a pair of nice-looking shoes and draw a pair below it. Draw the legs of the leprechaun underneath the shorts. Decorate the shoes by adding a buckle to the middle.

The illustration shows that the left leg of the leprechaun is crossed and the right one is upright.

5th Step:

Leprechauns always have a pipe, a stick of wood or both. Don’t forget to include them in your drawing.

The stick can be created by drawing vertical lines that are uneven and adding a hook-shaped handle to the top. You can draw the pipe by drawing a straight line with a pointed tip at one end and a large U-shaped vessel at the other.

6th Step:

To make your drawing look more real, you should add textures and patterns to it. Begin by adding details to the clothing of the leprechaun.

In the middle of the inner shirt, draw two buttons. To create a fun design, add horizontally stacked lines to the socks. To complete the look, add a belt to the trousers.

7th Step:

Referring to the face of the leprechaun, draw a pointed, curved nose in the middle. Draw thick eyebrows below the hat.

8th Step:

Draw two intersecting curves below the eyebrow to create the eyes. To create the iris, make an oval shape within each eye outline.

Draw two small circles within the iris. To create dramatic “glimmering eyes”, shade the entire iris except for the two small dots.

9th Step:

To give the leprechaun a wide smile, draw a straight line. Next, place one tooth in the center of the leprechaun’s lips. To make the leprechaun smile, its lips should be more curled on one side.

This is the final image of the leprechaun! It only needs a few more colors to complete the artwork.

Now comes the fun part: filling in the colors to create your amazing drawing. This is where you can display your artistic abilities and ability to match colors.

Leprechauns have ginger hair, and a beard. Leprechauns typically wear green clothes paired with brown or black shoes. These are the guidelines. You can also choose to color the leprechaun in any other colors. We recommend the latter. It’s your art, after all!

You can color your leprechaun drawings however you wish and watch it come to life. You might also want to experiment with other coloring materials like watercolor or brush pens.

To make your leprechaun drawing even more impressive, you don’t need luck!

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