Hello, artists! Welcome to this drawing tutorial that teaches drawing the leopard step-by-step. Leopard is a large and elegant cat with stunning colors.

Step 1
Draw a circle. This is the head of the animal. Then draw two more circles. This will form an upper and lower pelvis. Then draw a long line that starts from the side of the head to connect the thorax to the pelvis. The line then crosses the tail.

Step 2
Then, using simple lines, we sketch the footprints of the leopard. On the head, draw slightly sharp ears, intersecting lines of facial symmetry, and an oval-shaped shape on the lower half of the face. Connect the ovals in the previous step, and then thicken the tail by bending it with a second line.

Step 3
Let’s focus on the finer details of the leopard’s head. By drawing clear lines, draw eyes that are almond-shaped and pupils in the eyes. Next, draw the mouth and nose. Draw the whiskers before moving on to step 2.

Step 4
A simple, but crucial step in the instructional guide on drawing an animal step-by-step. We will draw the outline of the body of our cat. In the final step, draw round fingers.

Step 5
The first step was easy enough, but this one is even simpler. In this case, we have to remove all additional lines that are in the leopard. If in the initial steps of this lesson, you used lines that were not very light, then it is easy to eliminate any unnecessary lines with no problem.

Step 6
The drawing process for leopards is quite difficult. You will have to draw every spot as we did. Draw small spots on your neck, head, and fingers as well as large places on the body legs, and tail.

Step 7
In this case, we’ll need to use all of our abilities in drawing since the shadows are difficult to work with. Imagine that light is falling on your body as if from above. That means that we must include hatching on the reverse of the head, body, and limbs. Make sure to color the pupils and part of the nose.

It was pretty difficult to learn but in the end. We receive a gorgeous and real-looking leopard.

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