how to draw a lemon

Let’s get started with fruit. These are the easiest things to draw and get a fantastic outcome. Even if you’ve picked your first pencil for the first time you’ve ever used it and you’re not sure how to draw a lemon, you can certainly learn the lessons about drawing the shape of a lemon.


Step 1

The first step is to draw an oval horizontally laid on a piece of paper. The oval is tapered at the sides and has a rear end. Don’t try to draw an ideal oval all the way. There are no perfectly symmetrical fruits found in the natural world.





Step 2

Let’s draw something that appears like the outline of lemon during this process. To do this, we’ll create two edges. One end is supposed to be slightly pointed while the other one should be very flat.






Step 3

In this stage, we will draw an elongated stalk, with the aid of the lemon that is attached to the branch of a tree. This stalk is situated near the end that is dull. Also in this step, we will create a texture with citrus. It looks like a few horizontal lines that are close to the edges of the horizontal.





Step 4

There are some extra lines left from the earlier stages. These are the lines that were beneficial in the past, but now they render our lemon insufficient.





Step 5

Then we add certain shades. If you draw lime, you can shade it using Green. In our instance, we’ve got an orange, so we will use the bright yellow shade.




Title of span =”>So we hope that you received a stunning real lemon on your piece of paper. We’re a relatively new website and just beginning to develop articles for you, dear readers. Don’t forget to share your opinions about our site on our social media and in the comments section directly beneath the article.

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