how to draw a leaf

We’ve created a new fundamental drawing lesson for you. Today we will teach the steps to draw the leaf.

Step 1

The first step is to draw the outline of the leaf. In our illustration it’s horizontal however, you can also place it in a vertical position. Do not draw this leaf with a half-expansion since it makes further drawing difficult.




Step 2

In this stage , we show the central line that runs across every leaf in the trees. It appears to be a normal streak that extends to the round portion of the leaf.


Step 3

The leaf we are painting must appear realistic, right? Artists strive to make sure that the work painted by him is identical to the original. The leaf we paint must be extremely realistic, don’t you think? Artists strive to ensure that the piece that they paint is identical to the original. To enhance our depiction of realists, we need to draw additional streaks, which should be drawn diagonally to the streaks of the earlier step.




Step 4

If you find additional lines, you must remove them. In the same way, be sure to carefully review the leaflet you have created and assess its accuracy. If you are not able to spot any flaws, you are ready to begin working on the colors.




Step 5

The autumn season is the most beautiful time of the entire year. It is the only time of year that you can observe the trees in a variety of hues. There are red, yellow, or orange leaves. We decided to go with the standard shade for summer leaves – green. If you’d like to add shadows, you can do so by creating zones of darker shades.




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