How To Draw A Lantern Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

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Step 1
The lantern we’ll demonstrate in this tutorial for drawing lanterns is quite round. They are often hung in the in the air, casting beautiful gentle light over them.

To begin with this particular lantern we’ll draw an outline of a circle.

For making this process easier, one method you could try is to make use of a drawing compass or coloring pencils in order to create circles.

With the brush you could give the circle an open top, and paint the remainder part of the circle.

The result should be an appearance similar to the one in the image we used as a reference. This will allow us to go on to what’s next!

Step 2 – Then sketch some details for the lantern.

You’ve now drawn the main outline the lantern, and in the second section of the drawing for your lantern, you can add some more finer details.

For the first step start by drawing the outline of a thin, tiny rectangle that covers the top and bottom of your lantern.

After you’ve drawn these rectangles, we’ll add a few specifics to interior of lantern.

You can accomplish this by drawing pointed circles to make designs that resemble petals.

They will be beneath the top rectangle, and above the lower one. The ones below will be smaller than those above, as seen in the illustration of reference.

Step 3 – Draw strings as well as tassels to hang the lantern.

In the previous guide how to draw the lantern. These lanterns made of paper usually hang from either a rope or rope.

The string will be drawn as that it’s attached to and some additional components in this step.

Drawing the wire is simple as all you need be doing is draw two closely-spaced lines on the top of the lantern.

Once you’ve completed drawing the rope, you can draw a small tassel hanging off the lantern.

They can be drawn using some wavy lines in order to draw them hanging from the lantern. After all this is drawn and drew, we’re ready for our next stage.

Step 4: Next, sketch some additional details for the lantern.

The next step in the drawing of your lantern will let you add more details on the lamp. The lanterns typically fold outwards so we’ll draw fold lines.

To accomplish this, trace some curves onto the body of the lantern.

They are bent to reveal the curvature of the lantern. The illustration will demonstrate what you need to do to make them bend.

Be sure to leave space in the center because we’ll decorate this space in the next step.

Before proceeding, you could also draw a bead tassel that will connect to the remainder of the tassel you sketched earlier in this step.

Step 5: Add last details to the lantern drawing

There’s a little space left within the center of our drawing in the final part of this tutorial for lanterns We’ll complete the drawing now.

The lantern is designed in the traditional style of Chinese lantern, and which is why we’ll add some Chinese writing on its front.

This is in which you’ll probably need to duplicate the exact image that we have provided.

Once this feature is added Once this information is added, you can move on! You may also upload the background of your choice prior to moving on.

The lanterns are usually placed in bulk, which means you could add more lanterns to the background to complement this one.

What would you do to conclude this photo?

Step 6: Finish your lantern’s design with colors

This is the last stage of the drawing for this lantern and we’ll add gorgeous colours! In keeping with the theme, we chose vibrant gold and bright red for this lantern’s life.

It creates a gorgeous warm and inviting image. If you are satisfied with the look you can recreate your own artwork.

There are a myriad of shades you can choose from make sure you make use of any other colors you’d like!

If you prefer lighter shades and you want to use lighter colors, you can apply mediums like acrylic paints or markers to help bring them to life.

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