how to draw a lamp -

how to draw a lamp

how to draw a lamp

House interiors are very popular with the reader of Today we will show you how to draw a lamp. This lamp drawing is an excellent addition to our chair and couch instructions. This instruction will follow a traditional pattern and consist of a series of very simple stages. To simplify the learning process, we painted every line of new stages in red.


Step 1

First, draw the lamp shade’s sides. Both the size and position of these lines should reflect each other perfectly.



Step 2

Draw the top of your lamp in a straight line. You should draw the lower portion of the lampshade with a long, C-shaped line.



Step 3

Draw the lamp tube using two parallel vertical lines. This part can be straight or more complicated.



Step 4

Draw the base of your lamp using two lines that are divergent. To check the proportionality of your sketch, you can look through the mirror.



Step 5

The C-shaped line will finish the bottom of your stand. Complete the bottom of your stand by adding a C-shaped line. The switch should be placed under the lampshade. It is composed of a straight vertical line and a small circle beneath it.



Step 6

Take out any unwanted lines and trace your lamp drawing to make it look beautiful, elegant, and pleasing to the eye. Check out the lamp drawings. If they are identical, you can proceed to the next stage.



Step 7

Now it is time to paint the lamp. Any color is possible. You can use paints, colored pencils, and a felt-tip pen to paint the lamp drawing any color you like.



The seven stages of drawing a lamp have been completed. Even the most experienced artist can handle it, we believe. You can now try drawing a lamp with additional dates or a lamp from a different type.

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