If you are a regular reader of our drawing classes, then it’s not a surprise to you that our top car manufacturer is Lamborghini.

We’ve drawn a variety of versions of this renowned luxurious vehicle brand. In the drawing lesson, we’ll teach the drawing process of the Lamborghini Veneno.

Step 1

Lamborghini Veneno is an iconic high-end car that has a lot of different details, however, the beginning of this guide is as easy as it is possible. In keeping with the tradition of our website as a first stage, we have to draw the car’s body This must be done using extremely thin lines.


Step 2

In this next step, we’ll begin adding various features to the Lamborghini Veneno. On the front, sketch the outline of headlights that are intricate as well as a more elaborate radiator grille. Then, we sketch out the outline of huge wheel arches as well as a massive spoiler on the rear end of the vehicle.


Step 3

We are continuing to add more specifics to our Lamborghini Veneno drawing. The Veneno is equipped with doors that open upwards. In this section, we sketch the outlines of them. We will then draw the outline of the wheels in the arches as well as a massive air intake at the front part of the Lamborghini body.


Step 4

In the previous step, we completed the outline for the car’s body. Lamborghini Veneno and then, beginning at step 4 in which we draw this supercar more precisely. We begin by drawing the outline of the complex long headlights. Then, we draw the specifics of the bumper, and no less intricate the hood.


Step 5

We’ll now look at the details that are high up on the body part of our Lamborghini Veneno. In keeping with the form of the front hood, we trace the windshield. We then sketch out the cool doors with no frames. On the doors, we sketch out the handles and the rearview mirrors.


Step 6

Draw the doorway exactly as it appears in our sketch. Draw the outlines of the seats in the doorway. Then, move to the rear side of the Lambo to draw a huge air intake. When you draw the details, do not forget to eliminate any unnecessary guidelines.


Step 7

We will continue drawing the specifics in the rear of the Lamborghini Veneno. In this case, we’ll need to sketch the spoiler, the outline of the back bumper rear wing, and the lower edge that the car sports. With the aid of an eraser, we can remove the rest of the unnecessary guidelines from the Lambo sketch.


Step 8

It is probably the most difficult stage of the drawing class on drawing Lamborghini Veneno. Therefore, using a combination of very dark and smooth lines, we draw round low-profile wheels. The next step is to sketch the rims. They may be as in the example above or in a different design.


Step 9

We are almost done with our course on drawing Lamborghini Veneno, and in the last part of the lesson, you will be drawing shadows in order to add volume to our drawing. By the technique of hatching, create shadows on the darkest areas of the Lambo body. Remember to draw highlights as well as the shadow cast beneath the car.


Lamborghini is among the coolest car manufacturers and the style of which is an absolute benchmark. We, as artists believe it is our responsibility to help you see the beauty of these cars and help you make the same masterpieces as the auto industry. Don’t forget that the people who invented this sports car also started by studying how to draw cars by enhancing their skills and knowledge starting from beginning to finish. Don’t forget to log into our category of “Cars” more often, to ensure that you do not be averse to learning new information about cars.

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