The team from has drawn a number of Lamborghini automobiles and, in keeping with this theme of awesome Italian supercars, we’ll demonstrate today how to draw the Lamborghini Gallardo. In general, the firm Lamborghini states that they derive the names of their supercars after the names of famous bulls who were bullfighters in the past. We don’t know if this theory is actually true however, the names of their cars are attractive and are a perfect match to the brute appearance of the vehicles. So, let’s dive into the drawing process for the design of a Lamborghini Gallardo.


Step 1

To draw accurately a Lamborghini Gallardo, the first step is to outline the initial contours. The outlines should be drawn with very subtle and non-obtrusive lines, as the moment they are drawn, they will be erased.



Step 2

The next step is to transform the box into something like the Lamborghini Gallardo design. In order to do this, we must draw the angular Gallardo headlights and the lines of a window frame that is narrow, and the wheel in the shape simply ovals.


Step 3

We continue to elaborate on our Lamborghini Gallardo drawing. Then, we move to the side surfaces and draw the wheel arches as a form of semi-ovals as well as a large door that has a mirror. In the same way, we also provide the wheel with a touch of volume.


Step 4

The initial sketch of Lamborghini Gallardo is completed and we will move on to the fourth step where we’ll work on the final particulars. Utilizing dark and clear lines sketch the whole front, as illustrated in the illustration created by the artists of


Step 5

Then, repeat the process using the top of the Lamborghini Gallardo sketch – which is to trace it using dark and clear lines. Then you must take away any unnecessary guidelines off the surface you’ve been working on.


Step 6

In this phase, you’ll have to draw lots of straight lines. They aren’t just design lines, but aid in drawing an additional amount of air to the motor. In the same way, you’ll need to trace the door and take out any unnecessary lines off the body.


Step 7

This is one of the toughest to complete, but if you do not hurry, you can complete it with ease. Begin by circling the tires using beautiful and symmetrical lines. Draw the rims, as depicted in the drawing by the artists at


Step 8

By drawing cross-lines, you can draw the design of the grilles within these air intakes. Then, paint the glare onto these glass surfaces. At the conclusion of the step and throughout the course, create shadows by using dense hatching on the areas shown in the image below.


In reality, the lesson on drawing Lamborghini Gallardo is not the first or even the second lesson on how to draw the Lamborghini. There is a variety of information on the various models of this famous Italian firm. We suggest you look into our section “Cars” to explore them in all.

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