There are iconic cars that are cool and sexy with every new year. One of them includes the Lamborghini Diablo, the flagship of the Italian firm in the nineties. In this tutorial, the team from will teach how to draw how you draw Lamborghini Diablo using just eight relatively easy steps.


Step 1

Lamborghini Diablo is a classic supercar that is characterized by the characteristics of this body. It is the first all, it’s wide and flat and has a form to maximize aerodynamics. Therefore, draw your own Lamborghini Diablo as shown in the illustration by the designers of


Step 2

We now need to transform this geometric form into something more akin to Diablo. Let’s begin with the wheels and sketch them as simple ovals. Then, draw the classic Lamborghini eyes and headlights that are angular. At this point, we’ll be giving our Lamborghini Diablo drawing a slick sporting look, with big wheels and windows that are narrow.

Step 3

Now, we must enhance your Lamborgini Diablo drawings more extensively and precisely. To achieve this, first, you need to make the wheels more voluminous and draw a smooth surface that touches the asphalt. Then, draw the arches of the wheel. In the front arches, it should take the shape of a semicircle. the back arch is a bit more straight. Then, sketch the door, as well as the specifics for the bumper.

Step 4

In the three previous stages we have sketched a simple sketch for the Lamborghini Diablo, and starting in the fourth step, we’ll focus on the final specifics. Draw the front of the car using black and clear lines, like in the image below. Utilize an eraser to eliminate any unnecessary lines that are auxiliary to on the face of your Diablo.

Step 5

Then, circle the roof and the window using clear, clear finish lines. The window’s lines should be a sufficient width in line with the above description as this is among the most distinctive characteristics of every sports automobile. Similar to the first step, finish the fifth step by removing any lines you don’t want with the eraser.

Step 6

In the sixth step, we complete sketching the entire body Lamborghini Diablo, and only the wheels remain. Also, just as it was in the first 2 steps, you should carefully draw the sides of the Diablo by drawing the door as well as the air intake, using precise lines of finishing.

Step 7

Perhaps the most difficult stage when sketching Lamborghini Diablo, in which we sketch the wheels. Begin by drawing slowly and carefully the wheels to ensure that they’re symmetrical and perfectly smooth. Then, trace the wheels’ rims. It is important to note that the rims on this iconic supercar are different from contemporary automobiles in this class.

Step 8

We then sketched the Lamborghini Diablo, and for an ideal final result, we just need to make some shadows. First, create glares on your glass surface. Then, draw shadows using the use of thick hatching. Shadows should make dark shadows on poorly lit surfaces, and also increase the volume of the Lamborghini Diablo drawing.

Today, the team at taught you the art of drawing the Lamborghini Diablo – one of the most famous cars of the nineties.


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