Luxury, style, and speed All of these are present In the Lamborghini Aventador. The automobile has been manufactured since 2011 and was designed to replace the famous Lamborghini Murcielago. Lamborghini Aventador is the benchmark for sports cars. It has astonished people with its style and awe-inspiring speed. The team at believes that we have a duty to teach how to draw what to draw Lamborghini Aventador.

Step 1

This frenzied sports car is very typical for all models under Lamborghini. Lamborghini label and is a broad and flat figure. In the first step, you will need to sketch the very wide and flat body using extremely light lines. Make sure the angle of the windshield and the hood must be very small.



Step 2

To make our sketch more like cars and more realistic, in the second step we’ll add the most fundamental details. The first step is to sketch the typical and well-known angular headlights. Then, sketch the outline of windows that are very flat. Then sketch the rear-view mirror with an angular shape as well as an air intake that is at the rear and back. Take care when drawing the wheels because they must be aligned.


Step 3.

Draw out the outline of the angular bumpers and air intakes that are on the bumper. With the short and light lines, we draw the lines of the windows like in the illustration below. We then draw the door’s outline and handle, which is barely visible on the door, and draw lines along the sides that form the frame. Utilizing semi-ovals make the outlines that define the arches on wheels. After that, with a couple of lines to make the wheels larger and trace the lines of the wheel rims.


Step 4

Begin to create the blank is complete and, starting with the fourth step the next step is drawing the details and final style of the vehicle. Therefore, using a combination of black and white lines, we meticulously sketch the specifics of the headlights, bumper, and hood. It is a difficult job to draw the entire line on the hood. However, we’re sure you can handle this. Create an outline of the Lamborghini Logo and remove the lines.


Step 5

We’ll now go to one of the highest points of our fantastic sports car. By using a combination of confidence as well as precise hand movement, draw the outline of the windows, the roof, and the mirror. To create a more clean drawing you can remove the unnecessary guidelines on the high points of the sports car. In order to accomplish this, we need to make use of very clear as well as dark-colored lines. The car’s body Aventador is required to have such an athletic and fast style.


Step 6

In the sixth step, we will draw the exterior of the iconic sports car. To achieve the best result start by drawing the long design lines along the sides of the vehicle. Next, draw the door as well as the details for the intakes. This is the final step in drawing the body and, before we begin making the wheels we’ll take out all the other instructions we sketched in the initial three steps.


Step 7

The seventh step is likely to be the most challenging in this and all drawing car tutorials. You can observe in the picture, we’ll draw the wheels. The first step is to carefully trace the wheels and the outlines of the rims. Next, draw the spokes. Make sure that the wheels need to be wide and large and the height of the tire’s sidewalls should be extremely small.


Step 8

The sketch of the Lamborghini Aventador is almost complete In order to give it more authenticity we’ll add some shadows. By hatching, create shadows in the darkest areas. Particularly pay attention to air intake areas as well as under the arches, and the shadow cast underneath the car. Take a look at your drawing and compare it to our example. If they’re alike and you are able to draw them, you now are aware of the best way to draw a Lamborghini Aventador!


If you’re an enthusiast of truly cool automobiles and cars, then you’ll enjoy Aventador. The proportions, interiors and engine performance, and more are designed to a high level. With the aid of our drawing lessons, you’ve become a bit closer to the people who designed the concept of this wacky sports car. Every car, not just this one, starts by drawing a sketch on an illustration tablet.



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