Hello, dear young artists! Today’s drawing lesson is for beginners, we’ll demonstrate ways to draw ladybugs with children. This lesson will be easy to follow. If you’ve decided to grab the pencil and draw a sketch for the first time, this tutorial is will be a great help. Ladybug, also known as ladybird or Cuccinelli – is an extremely useful insect that feeds mostly on Aphids and spider mites, which are destroying many gardens with flowers and plants overall.

Step 1
Begin by drawing an oval. It’s the body of our ladybug.

Step 2
Draw another oval to serve as a reference to the head.

Step 3
With a couple of lines, draw marks on the rear of the ladybug.

Step 4
Create the patterns on side of the Ladybird, as in our illustration.

Step 5
Remove the guidelines. Draw the legs and the antennae like in our illustration.

This tutorial should have taught you to understand with drawing ladybug drawing for children. If you enjoyed the tutorial, check out our lessons for children and you’ll find something that interests you. Goodbye!

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