The hardest part in this entire process is drawing these lines properly and using tools that aid in drawing like a ruler. Like always, we’ve separated the drawing guideline for a ladder into six simple steps that comprise more straightforward and simple steps.


Step 1

Begin drawing the stepladder using the easiest – draw four lines, like the illustration by the artists at To test your drawing ability with straight lines practice these steps using a ruler.


Step 2

An easy step is where we draw the top cap by drawing two lines, one long and short line. If drawing the stepladder, make sure to pay attention to the proportions so that the drawing will not appear sloppy or unbalanced.


Step 3

On the upper step, the lower part of the step is visible. At the lower steps, the surface of the stepladder is clearly visible. This creates a voluminous look for our stairs. the appearance of a large space.


Step 4

Take an eraser, and begin to remove any unnecessary guidance from the self-supporting stepladder’s design. Then, add spreaders to the sides of the ladder.


Step 5

With an eraser, you can take out any remaining lines of auxiliary lines. Draw shadows. In our case the light comes from above, meaning that the shadows are behind dark areas that are not visible to light sources.


This guide for drawing the ladder can be extremely helpful for anyone wanting to be able to draw straight lines. If you can’t draw an ideal flat stepladder on the very first attempt, take your time until your ladder sketch is like the one that is shown by the designers of


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