Welcome you, dear artist! This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw the KoenigseggRegera, a sports car made by the Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg.
Step 1
These are our basic drawing lessons, so these steps will be the same. Use light lines to sketch the main outline of the sportscar.
Step 2
We draw the arches and rear-view mirrors using the same light lines.
Step 3
Draw the unusual and long headlights on our sports car. Next, draw the bonnet and bumper with a grille.
Step 4
Let’s move to the top of our Koenigsegg Regera, draw lines of windows and mirrors, and a roof.
Step 5
We then pass by the car’s side and draw a complicated line for the door and intake.
Step 6
Draw the wheel arches and wheels carefully. You should remove all unnecessary lines from your drawing.
Step 7
The last step of the drawing lesson is how do you draw a Koenigsegg Regera. In this lesson, we will draw the rims for our sports car.

Keep following us, and you’ll see many cool and new drawing lessons about cars.

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