Hello, artists! Welcome to 3dvkarts. As you may know, on our site, we have the category “Myths and Legends” where we provide lessons on various people and animals from various fantasy universes, for instance, Dungeons as well as Dragons. In this category, we’ve taught that you can draw a Troll, phoenix, centaur, and numerous others. We have also chosen to draw a second tutorial for this category in which we’ll teach our readers what to draw the Kobold.

Step 1
Let’s draw the body that our persona. Sketch out the head using a circle and a circular. Then outline the neck and the spine long that extends through the tail. Then draw a large chest and a smaller pelvis. Draw out human legs and arms, that are similar to the legs of animals.

Step 2
Let’s make it more volume. The first step is to draw lines on the face which will allow us to outline the features of the head. Then, draw a slim neck and the torso, which is quite tapering to the waist. Then, using simple geometric shapes draw the legs and arms (limbs that are in the shape of cylinders, and joints that are in the shape of circles). Draw human hands, and feet that are not human as well as tail, saber, and spear.

Step 3
Take your time drawing out the details about the human head on your own. Large round eyes, a large mouth, and muzzle. Eliminate any guidelines on the head and draw the outline with spikes. The skull of the Kobold looks very similar to the head of a Lizard.

Step 4
Let’s now move to the body. By erasing the lines that are in between, we can trace the outline of the neck muscles and the armor on the body. The armor is made up of a shield that covers the torso as well as shoulder pads. Make the armor look worn appearance by using short strokes.

Step 5
Let’s now move on to the arms. With the aid of lines that are clear, draw slim but sinewy arms as well as fists, into where the saber and spear are pressed. Make the bandages for the arms. At the end of the procedure take out the long and razor-sharp knife and a slight curly sword.

Step 6
In this next step, we’ll concentrate on the lower section of our Kobold. Draw out the legs with long toes. Notice that the legs of a kobold are much like the legs of Lizards. Don’t forget to erase the rest of the lines, draw out the tail, and then put armor on the knee.

Step 7
We need just to create a kobold that looks more real. To achieve this, we’ll include shadows. Shadows in this case will be created by traditional hatching. These will be in the less bright regions in our illustration.

It was a drawing class on drawing the Kobold. What kind of monster or character from fantasy would you like to see featured on our website? Tell us about it in the comments section of this article, or via our social media networks.

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