Today we will teach you how to draw the head of a Koala. Koalas are omnivores. Koala is a marsupial creature in the home of marsupials, Australia.

Step 1
Create a ball that will later become its head. Koala. Draw two lines that cross at the center of the head.

Step 2
The horizontal lines, sketch out the eyes. Then, draw an outline of a huge oval nose with an upward line. Sketch out mouth and ears.

Step 3
An easy enough step in which we complete our ear lines and trace the shoulders of the koala.

Step 4
Take away any unnecessary guidelines from your face using sharp and dark lines. They expose all the finer details on the face.

Step 5
Then, using shorter lines, make lines that create the “fur” shape of the face. By using long strokes, create a hairline around the ears.

Step 6
Make the eyes black, leaving an ogling. The nose will be darker. You can add a few lines to create the look of the fur appear more realistic and also add shadows.

A tutorial on drawing a koala’s head is in the making. After the lesson, as per the custom, there are two helpful suggestions. The shorter the hairline will be, the more “soft” hair will appear. The hair on the ear is supposed to grow longer. It is important to note that the nose must appear as if it’s distinct.

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