Hello everyone. The weather has turned cold and our artists crave warm and summer very much. While it’s winter out it is essential to cozy ourselves by wearing warm clothes. This is precisely the type of thing we’ll draw in today’s lesson on how to create the knit hat.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch the contours of the hat using the aid of gentle lines.

Step 2
With very light lines, we will trace the bottom edges of the cap.

Step 3
Let’s now use the clear black and white lines to sketch the outline on the top of the cap.

Step 4
Now, let’s draw the lines of longitudinal weaving on the hat drawing.

Step 5
It’s a simple process in which we simply add a few shadows using hatching.

Today, we demonstrated the drawing process for the knit cap. This was an example from lessons that employ very simple and light lines, we can create a real-looking drawing at the final.

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